Thursday, December 18, 2008


My weekends are ALWAYS "weekends," since I work Sunday through Thursday. Usually, my Sunday shift is at night, giving me basically a 2.5-day "weekend."

This weekend, though, I swapped days with a friend, in exchange for a future swap.

Boring details really quickly: I usually work Sun-Thu and she Mon-Fri, but once every five weeks she works Mon-Sat, then Mon-Thu the next week to compensate, see? However, this week she has Christmakkah on Saturday, so I'm working Saturday for her and she's working Sunday for me, see? So I'm on Thursday, off Friday, on Saturday, off Sunday, on Monday. M'yah, see?

Of course now, she's pregnant and quitting and compensating me by buying me lunch, instead of swapping. She better have a very merry and hybriddy Christmakkah.

Meanwhile, Friday is going to be all shopping: hours of gift-buying, and hopefully a surgical strike at the grocery store. We'll also see an all-out assault on my stubborn belly fat, in the form of a long run through Absecon.

And, yeah, it's been two days of me and the cats, and I cannot stop talking to them. Just babbling mindlessly, things I'd otherwise just let run through my head. Disturbing.

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