Saturday, December 13, 2008

They called me Mr. Kitty Daddy

Yup, I've got custody of my two cats for a while, here at the new apartment.

They've stayed with Kitty Mommy for most of the year since I came east for the new job, but interviews for HER new job will cover another month, and blah blah, other factors, I have them now.

For those who forget or never knew, they are Mojo (black) and Moxie (tabby), a brother and sister. They were part of a litter of six born approximately Jan. 30, 2006, in an animal shelter in Jeffersonville, Ind., across the Ohio River from our home in Louisville. We got them that March, and the above photo is from the first week, when they were babies and Holly took a trillion pictures of them. (Another one shows them skittering around in a wok I'm holding.)

Believe it or not, Mojo has grown into his looks a little bit. He still looks pretty owlish from a few angles. Moxie is cheerfully dumb, always wearing an expression that suggests she's looking for her car keys.

Because I project my feelings on my cats -- like all pet parents, whether they admit it or not -- I think things like, "It'll be great when we all move back in together in the spring, when we get our new place, because then they'll have some stability for a while and won't have to get acclimated to new apartments and stuff."

Yes, that will be nice for the cats, and I wouldn't mind not constantly being on Craigslist's apartment pages, either.

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