Sunday, December 7, 2008

From the vault...

I wrote the following Phillies post Oct. 3, 2005, on my previous blog, Bluegrass Beginnings:

Man. That was close. You guys were so close to a playoff-playoff, one game away from one game away from glory. If Jose Macias hits his linedrive 10 mph sharper, it gets into center and the Cubs tie the game against Lidge for sure, and maybe win in extra innings. But that's life.

I may be an optimistic sap, but I'm looking forward to the 2006 season -- umpteen times more than I looked forward to 2005. Things to look forward to:

-Brett Myers putting it all together under a pitching coach he knows and trusts.
-Chase Utley and Ryan Howard doing exactly what they're already doing: becoming superstars.
-Jimmy Rollins gaining confidence from his hit streak and learning not to press -- and MAYBE learning to take more pitches to wear out opposing pitchers? Maybe?
-Shane Victorino getting a shot as the leadoff hitter and starting centerfielder.
-David "Nice Guy, But..." Bell playing somewhere else.-Discovering if Gavin Floyd has what it takes or not.
-Crossing my fingers that Cole Hamels and Jason Michaels can behave themselves in bars all year. Pssh.

I don't think they can keep Billy Wagner or Ugueth Urbina, and I'm terrified that they'll trade Ryan Howard instead of cutting bait with an oft-injured Jim Thome. But hey! Hope springs eternal, and I figure maximizing my enjoyment and minimizing my disappointment is the way to go.

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