Sunday, December 7, 2008

Eli sez: Leave me and my invisible shopping cart alone!

Brian Westbrook spent his afternoon making Antonio Pierce look sillier than a guy who covers for a guy whose gun discharges in his sweatpants, to use a theoretical example. Now suddenly the Eagles control their playoff admittance, provided the Falcons don't win out. How can this possibly be the same team that sleepwalked around Cincinnati's field three weeks ago?


I have seven groomsmen in my wedding Memorial Eve. Brian, Chris, Duc, Joel, Jon, Sean, Shea.

Prior to today, I had only seen ONE of them with an appreciable amount of facial hair: Shea, who grows it unsettlingly fast. Now that number is TWO, after the discovery of a Facebook photo of Chris with a full beard, and a neatly manicured one at that!

Question, to those who are familiar with any of the other five: Assuming they'd agree, how many groomsmen, and which, should I persuade to grow full beards for the wedding?


  1. [head drops down in mental agony and hits the desk with a thud.]

  2. Don't worry Holly, I can think of at least two of them whose ability to achieve beard fullness is going to be limited by a lot more than Eric's relative persuasiveness.

    Even if they started today.

    And yes, I am a horrible person (and a mean wife), why do you ask?