Monday, December 8, 2008


Man, it is frigid in Absecon tonight. I'm prepping for interviews tomorrow (on-the-job interviews, not job interviews) and shopping online, but most importantly, I'm rooting against Steve Smith, Jon Beason, DeAngelo Williams, Matt Bryant, Chris Gamble and Ronde Barber.

This is my eighth year in the Diamondbackfield, a fantasy-football league including alumni of the University of Maryland's INDEPENDENT student newspaper. And I have never made the playoffs. But depending on what happens tonight, in the final game of the fantasy regular season, I could make it this year.

The six guys listed above play for the Carolina Panthers or Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who square off in Monday Night Football tonight. In fantasy football, teams pair off in head-to-head matchups each week, where good real-life performances from your chosen guys are rewarded with points -- most total points wins the matchup. Some of those Panthers and Bucs play for my opponent, and some play for the guy I'm trying to beat out for the final playoff spot.

My guys ("Just Ate A Grape ...") have all played already, as have the guys for Other Playoff Contender's Opponent. And both of us have leads going into this game. It's just a question of whether the six guys listed above will do poorly enough to allow me to win and OPC to lose, because I need both things to happen.

The Yahoo! projections put me at even money. Whooooooooo even money!

(Update after first quarter: Things are going well! Matt Bryant's field-goal attempt clanked off the upright, and Steve Smith hasn't caught a pass. DeAngelo Williams has rushed a couple times for a couple yards. I haven't heard the three defenders' names yet, and that's good, too.)

(Update in third quarter: Long TD catch for Smith, and I think I'm toast.)

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