Monday, September 17, 2007


Being a sports fan is supposed to be fun? Mmmmm nawsir.

Scores tonight: Phillies 13, Eagles 12.

The Phillies led 11-0 and 12-3, but won the freakin' game 13-11. What a travesty. Shades of the Atlanta game from two weeks ago. Somehow they pulled out a win, but Charlie Manuel is going to be roasted for lifting Kyle Kendrick after six frames.

It's amazing, the razor-thin margin of emotions in sports. The Phillies game ended with two guys on base and Russell Branyan, who I'm convinced could hit a baseball over the Gateway Arch, at the plate. Full count, ball down the middle of the plate.

If he hits that ball out of the park, I'm turning beet red and rolling my eyes back in my head. As it is, I'm flipping over to Baseball Tonight to continue following a pennant race.

Eagles? I don't really care about the Eagles right now, frankly. That'll change when the Phillies' season is over. Suffice it to say that the Eagles wouldn't be giving me much to care about even if I were so inclined.


  1. I would not have slept one minute last night if the Phillies had lost that game. I was in a seriously dangerous place and did my trademark "walk up and down stairs, doing laundry, wiping counters, emptying trash cans" routine just so I wasn't sitting there losing my mind. It was the closest I think I've ever come to sports spectator hurling - it was that bad. I guess this is what "thrill of victory, agony of defeat" means to those of us who merely sit and watch.

  2. I am completely feeling what you mean about the razor thin line of emotions in sports. One day you're team's up 6.5 and 2 seconds later they're up a game and a half. Its so interesting how things dogpile. The Phillies haven't even won yet tonight, but I'm assuming they will, and right now I can't imagine my team winning again. I'm definitely feeling the agony side of the equation. Oh well. At least my fantasy team might take home the title! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend.

  3. I feel like such a loser - I couldn't stay awake last night to see the end of the game. I woke up this morning before five and immediately jumped on the computer. If I wasn't related to someone who is feeling the "agony of defeat" I would be over the moon right now, but I hate to see people I love in pain. I just wish the stupid Padres and/or Diamondbacks would go in the tank so the NL East would have two teams in the playoffs!

  4. Please don't let my team's unfortunate situation dampen you all's fun. Right now I think only one team from the NL East deserves to be in the playoffs, and they don't play in Shea. Baseball is so funny though, things change in the blink of an eye. It will be a crazy final 2 weeks.