Monday, September 17, 2007

Forgot two things:

1) I got passed in the final quarter-mile of the half-marathon by a guy in a pink tutu.
2) My legs were SO sore all day and night Monday. Holly and I are supposed to start a daily regimen of pushups and situps, but it may have to wait a few days.


  1. i hear ya man... i am feeling the soreness too. i wonder if this pain will last half as long as the post-marathon soreness. time for some more vitamin-I

  2. The tutu guy had an entourage - I think he might have just gotten back from Iraq or he represented a disease or something. So stop hatin' on the tutu.

    Two words: Ben Gay

  3. This is a much delayed message indeed, but in efforts to catch up on your blogging I was scanning some of your past posts, and well, I'm embarrassed and yet proud to admit that know that guy who passed you in the pink tutu. I run with him at home, as do my parents in their running group. His name is Keith and he runs for EXACTLY this reason—for people to blog and talk about how some guy in a pink tutu passed them in a race—I believe he’s developed a rather illustrious reputation in the running world, even scored an article in Runner’s World. He almost always dresses in a tutu, and just for the fun of it; he simply enjoys the attention and interacting with the race watchers. He claims that people in the beginning of races are always jovial laughing and high-fiving him but, it's not always so happy at the end of the race when the pace picks up significantly at the finish line. No one is quite so jolly when they realize that their finishing race picture that they’ll be hanging on the living room wall will have in the foreground a pink-tutu-wearing man. Don't worry though; he IS a great runner and a ranked ultra-marathoner. He's been traveling around the country this year running a marathon a month. My point is, I guess; don’t feel discouraged that you were passed by a fairy. :)