Monday, July 30, 2007

Stevie Wonder

I thought he had better things to do than park cars in my building's lot. But apparently not. How else do you explain the willy-nilly insanity going on down there these days? I'd like to know how somebody can be smart enough to get a job that pays well enough that he or she can afford a really nice car, yet too stupid to figure out the baffling Angled Space.

Seriously, if there's a stronger collection of numbskulls than my neighbors, have them all spayed and neutered.

Ran 7 miles at 7:30 pace tonight, just short of the race pace I'm looking for in September.

I've also witnessed 474 Phillies players injure themselves in tonight's game, including Michael Bourn tripping over the friggin relic of a bullpen mound on Wrigley Field's first-base line.


  1. You mean that LandRover is still there? Holy cow! Has anyone checked on the owner?

  2. And yet another player gets dinged - hoping it's not serious.