Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Tell me where you are, Josh!"

Bwahaha. Seems like Blair Witch Project was just yesterday.

But no, just yesterday was Cloverfield, which Holly and I saw and which I'm glad we saw several hours before bedtime. Gadzooks. I didn't get motion sick or even close, but I was thoroughly unsettled. I recommend it anyway.

... So I'm living at the shore with my aunt and uncle in Stone Harbor until I theoretically become allowed to move into my room in a Brigantine beach house with two other twentysomethings. It's owned by a guy who has zero role in the rental; that's what he pays a local realtor for. But for some reason, 10 days after I applied to take over a departed tenant's lease, it hasn't yet been accepted because the owner still retains veto power over lease changes and either: A) the realtor hasn't gotten ahold of him to get approval, or B) the realtor HAS gotten ahold of him and he's just not bothering to produce an answer. For that, I say: GFY, landlord man.

That said, I still want to live there. It's a relaxed but adult living situation, it's affordable, it's in an ubersafe area and it's two blocks from a great beach. And it's 15 minutes from work and 5 minutes from an 18-hole links course uptown. So I can swallow my pride and frustration, as long as this thing gets resolved professionally and cordially. Otherwise, I'm back on the market.

... The job is good. More responsibility and money, but more to do, and it was a stressful first week.

... Holly was in for 36 hours this weekend, and it was fantastic to have her here. We saw the movie, toured Brigantine, got some Wawa there and got a nice dinner in Cape May. Also played Guitar Hero at Duc's. It sucked to put her on a train back to civilization (Louisville) but I'll head out there in a month and we'll keep stringing visits together until it's wedding time.

In the meantime, I've got a few weekends to fill, so I'm on the prowl for cheap non-gambling entertainment in the AC-Philly pipeline. If you've got any suggestions, lay 'em on me.


  1. Dare I suggest - spending time with your favorite mother?

  2. I gave up scary movies cold-turkey a few years ago, but I have to say I was enticed by this one, until I found out it was shot with hand-held cameras. I couldn't do Traffic. Less of a problem with Blair Witch, for some reason.

    Anyway. One thing you should do between now and June: go see RENT on Broadway, because it's closing then! No day but today! ;-)