Thursday, May 24, 2007

What a disastrous day, start to finish

I couldn't get a thing done at work because there's virtually nothing to be done in this no-news period before Memorial Day.

Brett Myers, the Phillies closer and second-best pitcher overall, got hurt throwing a pitch he shouldn't even have had to throw because the game should already have been over except that Rod Barajas is an idiot.

And then, of course, Lost. In case anybody who plans to see the finale has yet to do so, I'll put my thoughts in the first comment on this post. Read the comments when you're ready.


  1. Reactions to Lost:
    * My very first thought, the very first one, when the episode began and Jack showed up with his fake beard, was this: "Flash-forward." I wavered a bit at times throughout the episode, but I was right. I don't know who was in the car crash or the casket, but I know it was physically painful to watch the interaction between Jack and Kate, who clearly had a plenty bittersweet exit from the island.
    * Speaking of physically painful, just as I'd gained hope that Charlie wouldn't die, One-Eye got shot with a harpoon. I just knew he wasn't dead, somehow, and that that would cost Charlie or Desmond his life. I hope Charlie does truly end up having died for a cause ... Boone, Shannon and the rest died and it accomplished nothing. I don't want to be lumping Charlie in with those cats in a year or two.
    * Walt is now 7-foot-8, but I don't care. Good to see him back.
    * Hurley is just straight-up Gilligan at this point. And Sawyer shooting Tom in cold blood disturbed me until I remembered that Tom essentially left Sawyer, Jin and Michael for dead when he blew up their raft.
    That's enough for now. What did I forget?

  2. ~Since everyone who watches TV knows it's possible to escape from an underwater window once the pressure equalizes, I'm still going to hope that Charlie could get out that window. Otherwise, I have to be mad at the Lost writers for writing a bad death scene.
    ~The phone number Jack dialed when he was sitting in the car in front of the funeral home was in area code 310, which is south and west LA. (I was watching with captions.)
    ~The neighborhood the funeral home was in was a (based on the two scenes) predominantly black neighborhood, but that really doesn't help identify who had died, either. Check out this pic: pic of obit

    Apparently there's another screen shot out there also, and people are saying that it says the man who died hanged himself (in this pic you can see something about a "loft"). Someone on a discussion board suggested the man who died is someone we haven't met yet.

    ~I did think it was weird that Jack was using the new razr phone (narrower than ours), but it didn't occur to me that it was the future.
    ~What if it wasn't THE future, but an alternate future? Like Desmond's original flashy thing? Because, how come Kate isn't back in custody? Does surviving a plane crash mean you're no longer wanted by federal law enforcement? And someone else mentioned that the old fake website that ABC put up a long time ago mentioned that Oceanic folded after the crash, but now Jack is still flying Oceanic. I'll stop talking about discussion board stuff now.
    ~I'm not sure what to think about Desmond and his Charlie-death prediction this time, because LAH was right in that WE never actually saw the flashes like we normally do. But then, how did Desmond know any of that stuff to begin with, then?

  3. Yeah, you can also make out the word "beam".

    I wish I believed that Charlie still might escape, but he crossed himself, which seems pretty definite. I almost cried.

  4. ~ HWC - I knew something was up when I saw him using the Razr too !
    ~ According to the website the name of the funeral home "Hoffs/Drawlar" is an anagram for 'flash forward'
    ~ Do grenades really work underwater?
    ~ ESC - my reaction to Walt was the same. I thought, "Damn. Walt is now 6'8 and 35 years old !"
    ~ I can't believe we have to wait 9 months for Lost to come back.... argh

  5. Oh yeah, and I like Sawyer killing Mr. Friendly (that's apparently a common popular name for Tom). Ever since Sawyer killed Locke's dad, he's unleashed a scary (even for him) part of himself that makes him capable of killing in cold blood. It's the Sawyer he always was trying to portray pre-island, and then it subsided while on the island, and now it's back again, but real.

    I don't think it's Sawyer in the coffin. Oh yeah, and a lot of people apparently think that when the funeral director asked, "Friend or family?" that Jack answered, "Either." I was watching with closed captions, and he definitely said, "Neither." If it's someone we already know, then I think it's Michael. Originally from NY (you can see that on the news article), but working class, black, so might end up at that funeral home; not friend or family to Jack, and deserving of Kate's reaction ("Why would I go to the funeral?") since he betrayed everyone in trying to rescue Walt.

    I read a few more interviews (WashPost Lost bloggers, Monaghan's interview with Entertainment Weekly, etc), and I guess the analysis is that Charlie probably COULD have gotten out the porthole, but he's really accepting his fate in this whole thing. So I agree with ESC that I hope he died for a cause. I just absolutely cannot understand not wanting to try to escape at all costs.

    And I LOVED how Sayid killed that Other with his legs.

    I was reading LostEasterEggs this morning too. I'm glad I never discovered that blog before today... I would have wasted my entire spring semester :)

    January is soooo far away. I'm going to have to rewatch all the episodes on DVD before the next premiere. Just like I'm going to have to re-read Harry Potter #6 before #7 comes out in July.

  6. My reactions to your reactions and then some...
    - The casket was too small to be an adult, so it could be a child - or it could be Locke (without his legs?) That would explain why nobody showed, since he has no family or friends and why Jack responded with "neither" to the undertaker.
    - As much as I was back and forth about my feelings for Charlie - that death was extremely despairing.
    - I think Locke's siting of the 7-foot-8 Walt was an illusion.
    - Hurley flippin' rocks
    - Sayid flippin' rocks
    - I'm sad Tom was shot. I really liked him. (He also does a wicked naked run in Sideways)
    - Thoughts of the "woman and son" in the accident. Possibly Claire and Aaron? Though they did focus on Sawyer after the flash-forward, so maybe there is a relation to him.
    - Totally agree with hwong when she writes: "Does surviving a plane crash mean you're no longer wanted by federal law enforcement?"
    - What about Christian Shephard - Dead or Alive? Jack saw him on the island along with an empty casket in the first season. Last night Jack made a couple references to his dad: 1. currently being more drunk than himself and 2. using his scripts - but Jack was also completely out of his mind with drugs and alcohol.
    - What does anyone think of Naomi? There has been no talk of her through this LOST discussion.
    - WMMR's Preston and Steve have a LOST discussion every Thursday morning. You should definitely check out their LOST podcasts.

  7. I think that casket was definitely big enough to be an adult's. They always look like they're too small to fit an adult, but they do.

    I think if the flash-forward was THE future, then Jack's dad is dead and he was just strung out. If the flash-forward is a possible/alternate future, then maybe Christian is alive.

    I am inclined to believe that Naomi is legit, because I don't believe anything Ben says. But when you add in the fact that Penny doesn't know who Naomi is, then it raises questions. But is Penny, who is funding the whole search effort, really expected to know EVERYONE she employs? We do, after all, know that there is a boat funded by Penny (end of last season) -- who's to say Naomi's freighter isn't the same one? On the other hand, the picture that Naomi had is the one from Desmond's flashback, right? Not the one he had with him originally? So how did Naomi get a photo that happened in an alternate time/place? Or am I going insane here already?

  8. trMy initial reaction to the funeral was that it was Locke - don't have a real good reason to think that, though. He certainly would have referred to Locke as neither friend nor family. But I didn't think about Michael - hadn't thought of him in months. I didn't see all those little clues.

    I'm assuming the "him" that Kate refers to is Sawyer, but, again, not terribly firm in that opinion. When I think about it, why would they be together? Sawyer seemed on the verge of flying into pieces when last we saw him.

    I didn't get the feeling that Walt was inordinately large, just that he had grown up and the perspective Locke has naturally makes Walt look bigger. But then I remembered that Walt has "special powers" so he could be extra large.

    I know Hurley is a cartoon, but I just flat loved his crashing through the woods in the VW bus, killing people.

    It was okay with me that Sawyer killed that guy - he was one of those characters who kills people but doesn't let it interfere with him being a sunny kind of guy.

    I think Charlie is dead, but here's my totally lame reason: the music playing was very similar to the music when Eko died. But I'd be so pleased if he did survive. And I had the same feeling that he could go through the port after it filled with water. But I'm still pretty sure he's dead. The music, ya know.

    Nine months? Jeez!