Wednesday, May 9, 2007


If you saw Lost tonight, you know what I'm talking about. Otherwise, let's move on to other topics.
-If it weren't for sand traps, I'd have really done well golfing at, um, Sand Barrens last weekend. I inherited Dad's clubs after he purchased a new set, meaning I no longer have to play with irons forged by a blacksmith in the time of cholera.
-In response to Lone Star Pickle, here's another photo of a clearly exuberant -- not traumatized -- baby:

-I gritted my teeth and sank some money into a new clutch and engine mounts for my 1997 Nissan Altima. I'm really in that gray area, whether to go all-out to make the car driveable for several more years or to keep it cheap and sputtering.
-It's in the mid-80s all week here, and the running is really going to start to pay off around my waist soon. I'm not going to be a lunatic and say that I'm fat or anything. It's nothing drastic, I just don't fit in my pants, and I would prefer to do so. Elastic waistbands are not a good look in an office.
-Belated congratulations to Jill and Glenn, proud new parents of Gavin! Good lookin' kid, and now I have another friend (Joel) to join me in uncledom.
-Less belated congratulations to my cousin Glen and his beautiful bride Jessica. And thanks for doing the party boat/golf outing/cheesesteak lunch/beach town weekend combo... tough to beat.


  1. Great picture - she will cringe when we bring them out in about fifteen years!

  2. Never fear - Locke will be okay.

  3. As I was shooting/filming on that Sunday, I had a very distinct thought: when we bring out these photos/videos in 15 years, everyone's going to say, "What the heck was Uncle Eric wearing? Look at that throwback Phillies logo!" and "Why does Aunt Holly have loops on her jeans? Pink and green? What a horrendous combo!"