Tuesday, May 27, 2008


-After a third of the season, the Phillies are 30-24, on pace for 90 wins, one more than they got last year when they won the division. However, they're 1.5 games behind Florida at the moment.

-Holly got that nonsense with Super 8 straightened out. Night clerk didn't know from whence she spoke, but day clerk did. Whew.

-Had my co-best men in this weekend. Beach, hoops, putt-putt, beer, cards ... tough row to hoe.

-Hadn't ridden a bike in years, then Friday I rode 19 miles from my apartment to my extended family's beach house in Ocean City. Ow, muscles. And ow, sunburn, because I'm a sunblock-forgetting doofus.

-I played a little poker at the Borgata Monday night, and one player at my table displayed a simply stunning lack of judgment.
The game is $2/$4 limit, and if you don't know what that means, all you need to know in this context is that you can't put in all your money at once, only $2 or $4 at a time. It's unusual to see more than three or four raises in a row, because usually one person thinks, "Hey, maybe my hand isn't the best possible hand," but these guys raised FORTY times in a row. It took 20 minutes. When one of them finally ran out of money, the hands were shown, and while one guy had the best possible hand, the other guy had NOWHERE CLOSE to the best possible hand.
(If you're a poker person: board was three spades and two non-spade 7s. Winner had (duh) four 7s, the best possible hand. Loser apparently didn't see board was paired, because he didn't have any kind of full house. He had a flush. Uh-huh. And he lost $180 on it. In a 2-4 hand. Uh-huh.)

-Two seconds ago, Marv Albert just said on TV: "The Lakers have been invincible at home ... that doesn't mean that they're unbeatable ..."
Um. Doesn't it?

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