Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Eggshells everywhere

Not my preferred terrain for a stroll.

In non-metaphorical news, the A-10 hoops tourney is at Boardwalk Hall in AC this weekend, Holly's in town the next weekend, and my fantasy baseball draft is the weekend after that. And a lot of work in between.


  1. [Sweeping up eggshells in her wake]

    So, whom do you like in the Big Dance? Upset specials? I'm determined to make a splash in the pool this year.

  2. Seriously, I cannot BELIEVE how badly I'm doing in my pool - I'm dead last! I think that if I had let my cat actually pick for me, I'd have done better.

  3. Hey, I hate to say anything, but it's been about six weeks since you've posted to your blog.