Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm a ruddy prat

I've been out of touch and not providing Alaska entries, some of which are in draft form. But I've had very little time because, well... I've been reading Harry Potter books around the clock.

Alright, well it started when Holly was reading the sixth one, and me never having read any of them figured I'd read the first. And after reading the first and comparing it with my impressions of the movie, I wanted to move on to the next one for the same reason. I ripped through all 740 pages of the fourth one Sunday and read 400 pages of the fifth one tonight.


I like Rowling's writing for the most part. It'll never be confused with Tolkien or Hemingway, but it's fun and gripping. What really disturbs me (and this is so stupid of me that it's embarrassing) is the yellow journalism practiced by The Daily Prophet.

I fear that millions of people read Harry Potter books and gain the subconscious impression that newspapers are all biased filth.

This is what I'm worried about. Not being out of shape, not municipal elections, a fake newspaper in a fictional book.


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  1. so now you've joined the ranks of muggles who enjoy following the happenings in the wizarding world.

    on another note, i hope you're spending some time getting back into shape... you have less than 3 months before the PDR... that's a non-refundable transaction right there!