Monday, April 23, 2007

Who took my attention-deficit ointment?

Moxie will not stop meowing. She sleeps nearly the entire day and then scampers around meowing for a few fleeting, baffling moments.

It's really humid here, but in a nice way.

I have daydreams where the Phillies recruit me as a pinch-runner, then I'm forced into fielding and hitting in a 20-inning game and I display just enough raw talent to start the next day, then I hit safely in 64 consecutive games and earn an eight-figure contract and hit an inside-the-park home run in the World Series.

A guy at the gym today smelled so bad (he was wearing one of those plastic track suits that make you sweat much more than you otherwise would, for weight loss purposes) that at first I honestly, truly thought someone had peed on the floor.

The streak is at three, and the Phillies are showing signs of offensive life.

I remembered something today when I was talking to the new guy at work: Once when Joel and I blew off work to go to Atlantic City, I called in sick to the wrong office. My friend at my old job answered, and once he figured out it was me, he of course told me he didn't give a crap what excuse I was making up because I didn't work there anymore.

Holly made tree-mendous fajitas tonight.


  1. "humid" and "nice" do not go together, no matter what the circumstances

  2. Oh, yes, for a fleeting moment or two in the spring, it can be humid AND nice. But that has a half-life of about a day and a half!

    We've been giving the Hankster some outside time and he is so funny chasing bees and other fauna. I just so nervous because of Gus. But we just let him out the back door, and he usually beelines under the deck for a while, just until he gets his bearings. Last night he escaped while Dad was taking out the trash and just came to the back door looking to come back in. So maybe we can gradually transform him into an outdoor cat - might make him less likely to pounce on Max.

    Probably not.